What do I need in order to start?

First, you should register on our web-site. The registration procedure is simple and will take just a few minutes. Fill all required fields in registration form, login to account, choose an optimum investment plan and deposit your account. After that you'll become an official investor of the LTD and will receive a profit according to the service plan chosen.

What are the advantages of the LTD over competitors?

Our goal is not to conduct the tough competition, but to receive a stable profit on the crypto-currency market using our own strategy. We have developed special investment packages with optimum service plans and affiliate program for passive income for investors.

How can I enter my personal data?

We don’t require any personal details from you. You just need to prescribed your e-wallets details.

Can I register my child?

A person who has reached the age of majority in country of residence can earn in LTD.

How to get profit in LTD?

Users have the opportunity to earn by two ways: by opening your deposit, according to the chosen investment offer; by getting affiliate commissions for attracting new participants.

How much can I get if I invest?

All investment plans and a calculator are submitted on the Investment Plans.

Is there a limit on the number of investment plans? Can I open different plans at the same time?

Yes, only 4 Deposits Per Month Are Allowed. On the first plan, you can make unlimited deposits.

How often is interest paid on deposit?

Interest is paid in accordance with the terms of the investment proposal. The countdown starts from the moment of placing the deposit in the system.

Are there any restrictions on investing?

Investments are accepted in strict accordance with investment proposals. Minimum investment for Tron is 10 TRX.

What does the company can offer? LTD has Eight investment proposals. Don’t forget, you can open Only 4 deposits per month are allowed. On the first plan, you can make unlimited deposits.

How can I top up my account balance? LTD, has different electronic payment system such as Tron ONLY.

Withdrawing How does it work?

Before withdrawing funds, check your e-wallet details. If you haven’t completed it, click PAYMENT DETAILS in your personal account. Also, in this section you can correct your payment.

What payment system can I use for withdrawal? Can I choose?

Withdrawal is available only by using the same payment system which were used to make a deposit.

How long will funds transfer to my wallet?

All payments request be process instantly and automatically. The Commission is 0% of the amount of withdrawal.

What is a minimum amount for withdrawal? Are there any limits applied on payments and withdrawals a day?

The minimum withdrawal for TRX is 1 TRX. There are no limits on maximum withdrawal amount. There are no limits on the number of withdrawals per day.

How can I create an investment plan?

Use your login and password. Sign in with your account. Click TOP UP. Enter the amount you want to invest. After confirming the amount and variety of electronic payment system, you will be redirected to your payment system. Follow these instructions and pay for the transaction. Than you are automatically redirected back to your personal cabinet. Select an investment plan. Confirm it.

What are the characteristics of the deposits crediting in the crypto-currency system?

Tron, carries out transactions on the basis of a certain number of confirmations in the blockchain network, which are required so that the transaction was considered complete. Deposits in the LTD made via crypto-currency system, require a minimum of 3 confirmations before being recorded in the personal account of the investor.

Am I able to create several deposits at a time and make profit from two investment plans simultaneously?

Yes, you can place money on any number of deposits with a single account and make profit from multiple investment plans.

Where can I exchange one currency to another?

BestChange monitoring contains only reliable exchangers. You need to select the exchanger with the best rate and follow instructions.

Is there a charge to withdraw funds?

No. The Commission is 0% of the amount of withdrawal.

When can I withdraw funds?

Within 1 hour you can withdraw your funds after you have deposited it. All withdrawal are instant.

What should I do if I can’t withdraw my funds? Throw an error.

In this case if your e-wallet is registered, the amount is entered correctly but system still rejected payments, please check a correspondence between withdrawal and selected e-payment system. If you have an amount available for withdrawal in Tron, you will not be able to withdraw your money on another wallet of the electronic payment system.

Can I have more than one personal account?

You can have only one personal account on a PC. If you have more than one account, the company LTD will block all your accounts without further recovery.

Can I participate in Affiliate program if I don’t have any deposit?

After registration, you will also be able to get a profit from invited investors even if you haven’t your own deposit.

How can I attract new partners?

You can use special promotional materials to attract partners.

Do you pay a referral commission for a deposit from a balance account?

No. You receive referral commission only for deposits from payment systems.

What should I do if I can’t sign in?

Check your personal information in details. If everything is correct, you need to contact our support.

I can’t remember my password. How can I recover it?

Use a password recovery system on the page authorization.