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What is LTD? LTD is designed to bridge the gap between the worlds of private equity and China blockchain technology, facilitating the benefits of combining the two for investors. Ltd offers significantly higher returns than almost any other asset class. Meanwhile, China Blockchain technology is now entering the mainstream and offers unparalleled investment opportunities and is considered by most forward-looking investors. The main private equity token, Ltd, is backed by an investment in a private equity fund managed by the Finles Capital Management boutique. These investments include key blockchain companies and funds. The fund is backed by a range of income-generating securities used to protect high-risk, high-yield investment opportunities of the Chinese blockchain and to provide a flow of returns to repurchase BSL tokens from the open market - maintaining liquidity. And rising token prices in the long run.

So Ltd will be a unique opportunity for novice and experienced investors from the traditional financial world and digital currencies alike. It enables them to benefit from the backing of private equity and investment opportunities in the blockchain sector and the mixed returns they both have to offer.

Cryptocurrencies are a part of the future
What's certain is that blockchain technology has opened whole new perspectives of value transfer. Cryptocurrencies and crypto assets are definitely going to be a part of the future. They will continue to be developed and their use-cases will be adapted further. They have revolutionized payments, transactions and other markets and will soon become established as the new standard.