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Our team management consists of highly
skilled and specialized experts in the field of blockchain.

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You can invest or withdraw without any
worries. All transactions are completely secure.

Fast Withdrawal

All payments are instant and will be credited to your
account as soon as you request.

What is LTD? LTD is designed to bridge the gap between the worlds of private equity and China blockchain technology, facilitating the benefits of combining the two for investors. Ltd offers significantly higher returns than almost any other asset class. Meanwhile, China Blockchain technology is now entering the mainstream and offers unparalleled investment opportunities and is considered by most forward-looking investors. So Ltd will be a unique opportunity for novice and experienced investors from the traditional financial world and digital currencies alike. It enables them to benefit from the backing of private equity and investment opportunities in the blockchain sector and the mixed returns they both have to offer.

Our Investment Plans

Up to 1000% After 1 Hour
(Principal Included)

10 TRX - 15000 TRX
100.10% *
15001 TRX - 25000 TRX
100.50% **
25001 TRX - 50000 TRX
101% **
50001 TRX - 100000 TRX
105% **
100001 TRX - 250000 TRX
130% **
250001 TRX - 500000 TRX
200% **
500001 TRX - 1000000 TRX
1000% **
* Unlimited Deposits
** 4 Deposits Per Month

Last Deposits

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Referral Commission

Referral marketing program is one of Ltd programs to receive commission without investment. You have a special link in your account that by providing it to other investors and their investment, you will receive a commission of 0.05-50%. Your profits will be automatically added to your account this way, and you can receive your profits without any investment. It cannot be easier! So join us.

10 TRX - 50,000 TRX
0.05% Affiliate Commissions

50,001 - 100,000 TRX
10% Affiliate Commissions

100,001 - 250,000 TRX
30% Affiliate Commissions

250,001 - 500,000 TRX
40% Affiliate Commissions

500,001 - 1,000,000 TRX
50% Affiliate Commissions

  • 10 TRX - 50K TRX


  • 50,001 - 100K TRX


  • 100,001 - 250K TRX


  • 250,001 - 500K TRX


  • 500,001 - 1M TRX


Our Awesome Features


To invest, go to the special dashboard and select the desired plan and click on MAKE A DEPOSIT.


To withdraw your interest, go to the interest withdrawal section and withdraw the interest that is credited to your account every hour.